Want to Become a Veterinarian?


Image by The University of Edinburgh

For anyone that is interested in becoming a veterinarian, EDIVET is offering a FREE 5 week online course to familiarize people with what a Veterinary Medicine degree requires. The course is available here.

I found this a few months ago and signed up out of curiosity. I figured this career would be a natural fit for an animal lover. I did a lot of research that scared me away, but I still plan on following the course because it never hurts to learn something new.

These are the cons associated with becoming a veterinarian that I have identified:

  • Length of time in school. For someone just starting out this is probably no big deal. For someone like me, in their 30s with one mostly useless bachelor’s degree under their belt, you probably want to speed things along and enter a new field ASAP.
  • The necessity of euthanizing animals. Although I could justify it for an animal that is suffering and beyond treatment it would still be extremely difficult for me. I know I would become disgusted if I had to euthanize animals that people simply no longer want.
  • Treating animals that have obviously been abused or neglected. Resisting the temptation to lash out at the owners would be a constant internal struggle.
  • Dealing with people that refuse to do what is best for their pet. Enough said.
  • Stressed animals… Who actually enjoys visiting the doctor (besides hypochondriacs)? What if the majority of your furry clients are afraid to see you? I want dogs and cats to enjoy and embrace my company not cower, scratch, or bite me!

Those are my cons. Of course these will differ from person to person. There are plenty of pros, such as knowing you are making a difference, good job prospects, good pay, and flexible placements to name a few. Is it for me? The jury is still out, but I’m sure this “EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a veterinarian?” class will help. If you are curious about the profession be sure to sign up!

P.S. – I am not affiliated with Coursera, The University of Edinburgh, or this EDIVET course in any way. I just want to help get the word out!

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