Summer Fun

I haven’t disappeared. I am working hard on prerequisites to get into grad school, so I haven’t had time to do much of anything other than work and study. Thankfully, the end of the semester is drawing near, so I have been able to grab a few minutes for myself here and there.

For my birthday I asked for a bicycle trailer. I love letting Bailey trot along next to me as I ride my bike, but I have found that it isn’t much exercise for me. After a few blocks she gets pretty worn out, at which point I turn around and head for home. The funny thing is that even though she is totally pooped when we return, if I drop her off so I can then ride by myself she has a fit. I figured that the perfect solution would be to allow her to get her energy out and then load her in the trailer so that I could get my exercise. She successfully learned to get into the trailer and allow me to wheel her around, but she wouldn’t tolerate it once the trailer was hooked to my bike. I think she has been strongly conditioned to want to run next to me, so even though she had just run around the neighborhood with me she refused to take the backseat. Sadly, we decided to return the trailer. With plenty of time and patience I probably could have gotten her to ride in the trailer, but unfortunately I just don’t have that kind of time and likely won’t until I graduate. I hated the thought of the trailer sitting around and collecting dust, so back it went.

Aside from that, Bailey is a pro at staying cool. She has been enjoying her new pool and going on walks late at night when the temperature finally drops below 85 degrees. Once the semester is over I plan on freezing a bunch of special treats for her and taking her hiking to somewhat make up for not being able to do as much with her as I normally would.

  • Bailey’s Bike Trailer
  • Bailey’s Pool
  • Take a break from the studying, would you?
  • $1 toy… lasted 10 minutes

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