Bailey the Destroyer

Bailey waiting for toy

Bailey waiting patiently as I sew a new toy. Excuse my awful hair day. Maybe I should Photoshop a hat on my head. 😉

Remember that cute toy I wrote about recently that I got for Bailey on Listia? Well, she worked very hard today to reduce it to a pile of fluff and bits of fabric in record time. I was busy catching up on pen pal letters and I felt guilty because Bailey kept following me around seeking attention. The first time I took out the Loofah toy after it arrived she got entirely too aggressive and I put it away. I knew it was inevitable that she would destroy it, so in order to prolong its life I tried to play fetch with her using the Loofah dog. The thing must have been loaded with doggie crack because she would not drop it and she was very reluctant to bring it back to me. She even turned down the treats I tried bribing her with to get her to drop it. This is not a dog that turns down food! I watched with sadness as she tore it to shreds. She enjoyed it while it lasted though. I wish I could find a plush toy that would stand up to her destructive tendencies. The best advice I’ve received to date is to buy stuffed animals from thrift stores (as long as they don’t have any unsafe components) and let her go to town. I also sew toys for her, but not nearly fast enough to keep up with her urge to shred everything. Does your dog snuggle their plush toys or reduce them to fiber fill?

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